Say "Hello!" to Anleiten

Your community for engaged educators

anleiten (German, n v/t): to show, to teach, or to instruct

By building a premiere educational network on a strong foundation of community, we aim to do all of the above

Community Features

A Community-Centric Platform

Teachers and staff connect with peers and pros via Anleiten courses, subject matter cores, classroom experiences and more, all at flexible prices.

Resources for Growth

Monthly master classes, weekly office hours, articles and community activities help educators expand their horizons in areas like student engagement, instruction strategies, curriculum building and beyond

Data-Powered Insights

Our Student Outcomes Tracking Measure (and upcoming app) provides ever-evolving, data-driven feedback on student engagement, before, during and after your professional development courses

The Support Teachers Need

We don’t just equip you with the tools you need to drive development, we’re here to support implementation along the way — and after courses conclude, too

Flexible Memberships, Flexible Pricing

We know educators and administrators already have too much on their plates and too many line items in their budgets. We offer flexible pricing plans starting as low as zero dollars because we believe support should be accessible to everyone.

Individual Educator

Our introductory membership welcomes you to the Anleiten community and two master classes per year, at no cost


Individual Educator Pro

A full membership opens the doors to all master classes, weekly office hours, and all of our professional development courses


School Flex Plan

We price this plan by the volume of seats you use. Drop us a line for more info.


School Pro Plan

This 40% discount for the first two years offers individual teacher and administrator memberships and early access to data, reports and the Student Outcomes Tracker App. As an Anleiten pilot partner, you and other founding members will collaborate with us to inform, develop and improve the community experience.

$99/per seat/per year

Be part of something bigger, with Anleiten